The Nixon Family - breeding Herefords in Queensland since 1934

For the past four generations, the Nixons have been dedicated Hereford breeders.
From the time Alex Nixon first settled in the Drillham district 100 years ago, a love for Hereford cattle remains evident.


Alex Nixon

Alex first settled in the Drillham area over 100 years ago, in 1910. In 1934, Alex established an enterprise (Devon Court Hereford Stud) that was to become the foundation for four generations, to date, of successful Hereford breeding.

He purchased nine heifers from E. Roy Reynolds “Ennisview Stud”. These first females were the progeny of Tocal Richards Pride. By 1954 the breeding herd had increased to 500 females.

Alec was a keen breeder of quality cattle, a trait that was to be inherited by his youngest son Arch.


Arch Nixon

In 1946 after returning from service in World War II Arch took over the management of Devon Court and set in place a herd improvement program. This entailed purchasing quality sires over the years from well known studs at the time: Bexley, Woodlands, and South Boorook.

Under Arch’s management, Devon Court went on to succeed, having around 1000 stud breeding females by the late 1980s. With the help of his sons Les, Bob and David, Arch also saw Devon Court achieve recognition in the show ring.


Bob Nixon

Wallan Creek was established in 1994 following the wind up of the Nixon family partnership. Bob obtained Devon Court females and has since been involved with breeding quality Hereford cattle. In recent years top sires and semen have been purchased from renowned Hereford studs throughout Australia.

Today Wallan Creek offers sires to its clients each year, with Breedplan figures and guaranteed soundness and superior beef breeding. 2017 will be Bob’s 49th on-property bull sale.


Toby Nixon

Toby has played a significant role in the family’s enterprise over the past 23 years.

Since completing his education at the Longreach Pastoral College in 1995, Toby has worked alongside his father and been responsible for the day to day running of Wallan Creek.

A major highlight for the stud was when their bull Wallan Creek Dimbulah C261 took out the Interbreed Champion Bull at Beef Australia in Rockhampton in 2009.

2019 will be Wallan Creek’s 24th on-property bull sale.


Harry Nixon

Ten-year-old Harry is the fifth generation.

Harry loves living on the farm and enjoys doing cattle work with his
family. He loves showing cattle and junior judging.

Recent Achievements

Grand champion Hereford bull, Wallan Creek Victory Blend J346 owned by Toby and Jane Nixon, Wallan Creek Herefords, Drillham.


Wallan Creek Victory Blend J364 won Junior Champion Hereford Bull at Beef 2015 in Rockhampton, and took out Grand Champion Hereford Bull the Brisbane Ekka.

The Wallan Creek Victory Blend F076 son will be offered as a standout lot in the 20th On-Property Sale on September 8, 2015.

J364 has been a standout since birth. In our opinion, he is a classy young sire with excellent weight for age, thickness and length, as well as a beautiful temperament. He certainly oozes sire appeal.



Wallan Creek had great success at Beef 2012, following on from our Interbreed bull success at Beef 2009.

This year we took out the Senior and Grand Champion Hereford Bull with Wallan Creek Haymaker E234 as well as Junior Champion Hereford Bull with Wallan Creek Victory Blend F076.

Interbreed Champion - Beef Australia 2009


One of Wallan Creek’s most recent achievements was when their 17 month Hereford bull took out the coveted Interbreed Champion Bull at Beef Australia 2009, in Rockhampton. Wallan Creek Dimbulah C261 was reigned supreme bull beating more than 30 other breeds of cattle.

The interbreed gong provided the trifecta for Wallan Creek Dimbulah in his first showing after the 846kg bull won Junior and Grand Champion titles in the Hereford/Poll Hereford judging.

The win was not only a triumphant return to the show ring for the Nixon family, however, an excellent boost for the Hereford breed.

Read more (as published in the Queensland Country Life) about Wallan Creek's win at Beef 2009:

Showring Success